Sitting at work smoking a bowl with no lighter and just a magnifying glass. Why the fuck don’t they teach this in boy scouts?

I haven’t had much quality tumblr time lately

I’ve spent the last couple months working a sweet job and being constantly busy. I haven’t quit making pieces, but I also haven’t had as much time as I’d like for it. However, I finished all my training for it and I am scheduled to try out for a job as an in-house glass blower for Bern Gallery. If I get this, I will be able to get free studio space, as well as tons of training and experience and I’ll be able to make many more pieces to post and give out and for cheaper too. I am beyond nervous for tomorrow. I have been training for this since September, and am praying it all works out. Wish me luck!

A former Idaho Teacher caught with gay child porn relocates to Fairfax VT to reopen a really shitty restaurant? Besides the million other reasons that place was fucked, I’m glad I got a bad feeling about that place so early on. You can see a nice little picture of him next to the article.

p.s. That douche stole sixty bucks from me. No big or anything.

On break from my first day of probably the best seasonal job ever. I get to work as a kayak guide in jeffersonville all summer and when this break is over I get to spend three hours exploring a river. I love my life.

Worst feeling of the night: Losing $60 of tonights tips because this shitty family in my section whined their way to a free meal and my work has never heard of just comping that shit. Best feeling of the night: High-fiving a cop after blowing .000 when you get pulled over ten minutes after taking a double shot of jager. Especially since my probation says a .001 would send me to jail for the night.

fetusfajita said: the choke on that pipe makes me wanna cough up a lung. its intense man

Word! I’m glad it’s getting some love

oureffortwasadmirable said: pipe for me sometime?

only if you’ll break it in with me ;)

meg-m-deactivated20120719 said: your pieces are beautiful! i used to live in essex junction. burlington's such a great place. i'm megan, by the way!

aww thanks! how long ago did you move?

I live for microwaveable indian food. This stuff is the shit.